Amazing Places In Lucknow

Amazing Places In Lucknow.



The Bara Emblem of Lucknow ( city of nawabs lucknow) is one of the most famous monuments in the city. Imambara is mainly known for its amazing maze. Which is located on the main floor of the monument.

It is said that there are 1024 ways to get inside the maze but only 2 will go out.

Also known as Asfi Imambara, after the name of the Nawab of Lucknow who built it. Said to be the largest building in the world not supported by beams. Imambara has a unique way of building.



Chota Imambara, or Imambara of Hussainabad of city of nawabs lucknow is one of the most beautiful and attractive buildings in the old city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. This monumental building is located west of Bara Imambara and is a beautiful thing to see.

Writers because of the excessive decoration of the monument on a specific occasion.

It is a beautiful blend of Charbagh, Indo-Islamic and Persian architecture and architecture. However, it is not only Imambara’s exterior that captures the excitement of eager visitors.


Amazing Places In Lucknow.


Built by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, the Moti Mahal is known as the Pearl Palace.

This historic monument on the banks of the Gomti river has been built near Mubarak Manzil and Shah Manzil. The residence of the Nawabs in Lucknow at the time, Moti Mahal was originally part of the Qaisar Bagh complex.

The pure white palace complex is a beautiful place for birds. As the Nawabs of that time used to love seeing birds and other animal fights for fun.



The famous Rumi Darwaza is a bright gate that stands sixty feet high in the old city of Lucknow. It lies between Bara Imambara and Chota Imambara which show the architecture of ancient Awadhi architecture.

The creation of Rumi Darwaza city of nawabs lucknow has good reason to plan for this. When the famine came to North India in mid-1748. The Nawab of Lucknow came up with a plan that would feed his people and give him something to cherish and be proud of. Depending on the plan, Awadhi workers were building a great Rumi Darwaza for her, daily food.

Rumi Darwaza in the heart of Lucknow is close to the daily busyness of Lajpatnagar as an old guard angel who has seen the city rise and fall. With the Rumi Darwaza highway you run the road to both sides and stay busy, full and competent all day. Car chase and short time have weakened, but it is still strong and impressive, looking even brighter at night.



Located on Kanpur-Lucknow Road, Disney Water Wonder Park is a waterfront amusement park.

Spread over 20 acres of land, the property is dedicated solely to fun, dining and adventure. Offering lots of fun and lots of entertainment, it’s one of the most popular parks in town.

Located on Kanpur-Lucknow Road, Disney Water Wonder Park is a waterfront amusement park. Spread over 20 acres of land. Offering lots of fun and lots of entertainment, it’s one of the most popular parks in town.


Amazing Places In Lucknow.


Thus, converting it into an Islamic learning center by Aurangzeb’s mentor and brother.

The palace also played an important role during the Khilafat movement as it once served as the residence of MK Gandhi. Senior leaders such as Jawaharlal Nehru and Sarojini Naidu have also visited the palace to support the organization and reunite the working-class communities.

The Mughal structure of the Firangi Mahal is located in the Indira Nagar area of ​​Lucknow. The residence of Mr. Neil, a French businessman. The Palace was an important source of education and establishment for some of the largest Muslim students. Today, the Firangi Mahal stands as an exciting mass of Mughal architecture, Islamic values ​​and important attraction.



Located in the River Bank Colony, the Lucknow Zoo is also known as the Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Prani Udyan. Established in 1921 by Nawab Nasiruddin Haider.

Sitting over a thousand animals of different species, the Lucknow Zoo also has a few activities such as riding a toy zoo. The State Museum is also exhibiting Awadh art at the Lucknow Zoo.

Formerly Nawab of Awadh as a mango orchard. Even today, in colloquial language. Locals call it Babarasi Bagh. Still in the center and a field of magnificent animals and their size.



Sikandar Bagh is an ancient village shaped like a posh m garden and a grass-growing garden built in the 1800s.

Composed by Nawab Wajid Ali Khan, the last Nawab of Oudh, Sikandar Bagh became the site of the Botanical Garden and the National Botanical Research Institute post-1947. The park also served as a site of the 1857 Independence War.



Located in Tehseenganj, Jama Masjid is an Islamic place of worship founded by Lord Mohammad Ali Shah Bahadur.

Decorated with marble carriages and with high roofs and sturdy pillars.

Jama Masjid is currently an active mosque that continues to organize important celebrations such as Asid-Ul-Fitr and Id-Ul-Zuha.

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