Amazing places in munnar

Amazing places in Munnar


Munnar and Munnar resort is a mountainous city in the Western Ghats of the Indian state of Kerala. Eravikulam National Park, an endangered mountain goat, Nilgiri tahr, is home to the Lakkam Waterfalls, mountain trails and the 2,695m-long Anamudi Peak.

The Tea Museum at Nallathanni Estate introduces the regional history of tea production. Chinnar Wildlife Sangment is a nature reserve that protects many species. To the northeast of the city, the High Station is 1,700m-long and its scenic mountain view. The roles of Neelakurinji’s blue flowers bloom there every 12 years. On the way to the Main Station, the reservoirs at Matupetty Dam and Kundala Dam are famous for boating and sightseeing. Apart from Lakkam, many of the region’s waterfalls include Attukal and Chinakanakan.

Eravikulam National Park


A paradise filled with invasive plant and animal species, Eravikulam National Park and Munnar resort is home to Nasgiri tahr, a mountain goat currently threatened with extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Natural Resources. Other animals found are Indian fox flying, Asiatic jackal, sloth bear, small Indian civet etc.

The ground is covered in shola forests, focusing on forest valleys. Turner’s valley, which sits almost in the middle of the park, is a deep place. The Neakurakurinji plant, which is also a common sight, grows here every 12 years. Put this place on your travel list because Anamudi, the highest in South India is also here. Eravikulam is 13 kilometers from Munnar. Remember, the park is closed to the public January-February due to breeding season.



Anayirankal and Munnar resort is known for its tea plantations. Walking across miles and valleys, the fields are ideal for a refreshing hike and enjoy nature’s music. There is also a small hydro-Electric dam here surrounded by lush green fields for tourists. You can sail to the last place here.

A special feature of the dam is the fact that herds of elephants descend from the forests around the dam to quench their thirst. Anayirankal is on the outskirts of Munnar, en route to Thekkady.

Bamboo Rafting


Munnar and Munnar resort is a great place for adventure lovers and the bamboo installation is one of the most fun things anyone can have here. What makes it more interesting than the average chase is the fact that visitors get to build bamboo flats with the help of bamboo poles, connecting rods and climbing rubber tires.

One of the best places to experience the bamboo installation near Munnar is the Periyar lake in Thekkady. To reach the bamboo stairs, tourists need to start through the dense forest for 4 km. A cruise along the Persian river, the sea, surrounded by rolling hills makes it an unforgettable experience. Bamboo rafting can get you the physical demand because it requires far more power than regular rafting.

Chinnar wildlife


The sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife. It traverses large areas and has a flourishing animal life. From birds and butterflies to mammals and moths, one can witness nature in all its beauty and glory here. Chinnar Sangment also has the largest number of reptiles within the state, including the rare mugger crocodile. It is also a great squirrel squirrel; of less than 200, is one of the world’s most endangered species.

Another attraction for visitors inside the sanctuary is Toovanam Waterfalls. For a complete view of the universe, including waterfall views, climb to the top of the watch tower here; larger areas of lush forests up to the neighboring province of Tamil Nadu and remote mountains will all be provided. The sanctuary is also a bustling paradise, and is 60 miles from Munnar.

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