Amazing Places In Odisha

Amazing Places In Odisha.



Bhubaneswar and oriya tourism a temple city of India. Once known for its architecture and beautiful temples. Is now a thriving center of commerce and commerce.

Bhubaneshwar is an old city full of beautiful historical temples that draw visitors and tourists from all over the country. The name of the city literally means Lord of the Universe. Well illustrated by the number of temples here and the religious impulses of its people. Now this is a bustling city where history blends well with its modern and developing environment.

Bhubaneshwar, the center of religious pilgrimage. Has many impressive temples built over the centuries that retain. And their authentic identity over the years. Between them the Lingaraj and Parasurameswara temples are a must visit and attract visitors to all parts of the country.



Puri and oriya tourism in Odisha is one of the four places to visit for Hindus because of the Jagannath Temple. Which is part of Char Dham in India. Puri is a seaside town on the Bay of Bengal. Which is one of the favorites among the people of West Bengal on a long trip.

Having gained popularity among hippies back in the 1970s due to the official stop of the Bang. Puri is still a popular spot among backcountry players, however, the availability of the bang is now limited. With the spaciousness of hotels and resorts. Local tourists love to stay close to New Marine Dray and backpackers prefer to stay near Wakra Tirtha.

The Rath Yatra (chariot festival) festival that takes place during the month of June-July should not be missed. You are planning a tour during this time.

There are many places around Puri. One has to visit, such as the Chilika lake. Puri beach, Gundicha Ghar and Sunark’s most famous Sun Temple. Puri is quickly turning into an industrial center with large production companies coming here.


Amazing Places In Odisha.


On the southern coast of Odisha only 15 km from the city of Behrampur lies the small seaside town of Gopalpur, a bustling commercial and commercial hub, the Colombia Era.

Formerly a bustling port city before today, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of the country. It is known for being a place of absence and a place to rest.

The harbor continues despite many ruins, the British have gone but it remains one of India’s most popular beaches. Gopalpur-on-sea is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in India due to its length. its tranquility and its evil crowd.

The golden beaches are glittering gold and the sparkling waters. Bay of Bengal provide a great place to relax and soak in your body. Aside from the coast, the food is also excellent in a city with many shades that provide spicy seafood. Gopalpur is quickly becoming one of the most sought after beaches. Country and more and more people are discovering its beauty.


Amazing Places In Odisha.


Sambalpur and oriya tourism is a gateway to the western region of Orissa. It is overflowing with numerous rivers, beautiful hills, lush green forests, and rich wildlife. It’s a nice mix of modernity and culture. Holding an important historical significance.The area has a well-known textile and textile industry known for its unique patterns and style.

In addition, Sambalpur has a prosperous national life with special folk songs and traditional dances. Sambalpur got its name from Devi Samaleswari. The goddess of the area. One can also visit wildlife parks here to enjoy the natural beauty that Sambalpur has. This area is known as the world-famous Hirakud Dam which is a major tourist attraction here.

There are also a few temples that hold great importance. With people from all over the world with a strong sense of faith and a holy deity. That conveys happiness and wealth to the devotees.

Sambalpur is a large city west of Odisha. Famous for the number of freedom fights that take place here. That makes this area historically important as well.



Konark and oriya tourism in the Orissa region is famous worldwide for the Sun Temple. Which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An annual dance festival and beautiful sandy beaches.

Konark’s Sun Temple is a marvel of architecture and is one of the most beautiful monuments of India. The Dance Dance festival is a five-day long-standing cultural festival inviting unique dance talent across the country. The festival is a beautiful celebration of our country’s rich heritage of arts and crafts. An event to truly celebrate the variety of dance our country has created.

These celebrations take place on the back porch of the Sun Temple. Adding beauty and grandeur to the entire program. In addition to this, Konark also hosts a Sun Festival. Where devotees pray to the Sun God for taking showers at sea. Dance Festival also has a Handicrafts Mela where one can purchase unique and handmade pieces that perfectly reflect Oriya art form.


Amazing Places In Odisha.


Lilika Lake is a reservoir of freshwater and mixed-water lakes that are distributed in the Puri. Khurda and Ganjam districts of Odisha state in eastern India. Distributed by 52 rivers and competitors. The Chilika wetland varies between 900 to 1165 sq km. during the summer and cleanliness respectively. The pumpkin-shaped lagoon is 64,5 kilometers. The length and breadth vary from 5 to 18 km. It is connected to the Bay of Bengal by a channel 32 kilometers long and 1.5 km wide. With the majority of it parallel to the Bay divided by a narrow space equal to its width from 100 meters to some kilometers.

The lagoon can be broadly divided into four natural zones based on salinity and depth. Namely the southern zone and the central zone. The northern region and the outer channel. There are many islands in the great lake, prominent. Among them such as Krushnaprasad, Nalaban, Kalijai, Somolo and Bird Islands.

An animal experiment conducted in Chilika by the Zoological Survey of India in 1985-87 recorded more than 800 species in and around the coast. The list includes rare, threatened and endangered species including the Barakudia limbless skink.


Amazing Places In Odisha.


At a distance of 248km from Kolkata and 256km from Bhubaneshwar, Baripada is a city. Which is revered for its beautiful culture and is an element of natural purity. Its Rath Yatra is considered to be the largest and oldest after Puri and consequently. And Baripada is also known as Dwitiya Srikhetra (Second Puri)

Hosted by the world famous World Festival (Rathyatra). Which only allows women to pull the Rath of Maa Subhadra and gather huge crowds. One finds these temples here. Known for being one of the oldest in Odisha and devotees come from all over with great faith and devotion.

That celebrates the finest talent in Chhau, the most popular, indigenous dance movement in the region. Baripada is also known for its Bangripori “tusser” fabric. Which is available everywhere in its local markets. Also, don’t miss Simlipal Nature Park. Which has a leopard resort, sparkling waterfalls, many species of birds. Semul or red silk trees and countless other things to leave you in awe.



There are private beaches, beaches beyond the reach of dirt. Beaches that refresh our senses and Talasari is such a place. This virgin beach is lined with sandy beaches. Calm waves among several palm trees, coconut trees, cashew trees known as the last sea on the northeast coast of India.

Talasari and oriya tourism gets its name from Tala (rhythm) and Sari (line). A rhythm composed of a beautifully decorated green belt. And golden sands with occasional red boats (due to the spicy red surrounding) to blend in with the vast.

Almost melodious sea. Being a fishing paradise, Talasari doesn’t get much tourist speed. There is a concrete structure where fishermen fish for their fish. And sell it at a fish market near the beach. Where you can find cooked chicken, fish and fish.

You can simply cross over to the river bed or enjoy boat rides and great surfing here. Apart from the ocean, Tarasari is also a river on the banks of the Subornorekha River that flows along the Bay of Bengal.


Amazing Places In Odisha.


The first thing that may come to the travelers’ mind when they come to this land in Odisha. Is why they have never visited Rourkela. One thought after another, a city with its grandeur and humility takes everyone by storm. Situated in the northern part of Odisha.

Rourkela and oriya tourism was once a forested area and Kings hunting ground is now known as the Odisha. Iron City to build one of the largest steel plants part of SAIL (Steel Authority of India limited). In addition, the district of Sundergarh is proud to have a city like Rourkela. And has taken credit for giving you the natural beauty of the rivers and hills.

Once again when travelers begin their tour of the city. They find out why this Rourkela interpretation is “Our Village”. With every step, comes many beautiful places of worship. Such as Hanuman Vatika, Vaishnodevi Temple, Vedvyas temple that takes peace. Spirituality to worshipers and makes Rourkela one of the best places to visit in Odisha.


Amazing Places In Odisha.


Refined to the cultural capital of Odisha and oriya tourism Cuttack is a commercial city with a lot of tourist attractions.

Cuttack is the second largest city in Odisha with the former capital. The crafts of this province are on display and sold in the very city. The various festivals like Baliyatra, which commemorates ancient trade linking countries. Such as Java, Bali and Sumatra, Durga Puja and the Kite Festival held in the month of January.

Cuttack is also known as the silver city for its famous silver work. SurCuttack is a very organized city and has many tourist attractions that will make the trip here a memorable one.


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