Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Rajasthan,rajasthan the land of maharajas to many as the Kings Land. Is a prime example of the age of India and the good manners. The traces that still exist in this empire. One of the brightest and most colorful places in the country. With a strong mix of culture, history, music, drugs and people who embrace you with smiling faces. Falling in love with Rajasthan doesn’t take much time. Rajasthan has more history than the rest of the country put together.

It is the empire of the remaining Maharajas with its magnificent palaces and mighty castles. Rajasthan has drowned in the past full of poetry, ingenuity and valor. Sandy desert, traditional crafts, authentic cuisine. And awe-inspiring palaces all contribute to making Rajasthan a great tourist destination. Don’t forget to wish everyone “Khamma Ghani” while you are here!


Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Udaipur, also known as City Lakes, is the gold crown of the state of rajasthan the land of maharajas. We are surrounded by beautiful Aravalli Hills in every way, which makes this city as it really is. This ‘venice of the East’ has a lot of natural beauty. A temple with amazing views and art that makes it a pilgrimage place in India. A boat ride in the sinking waters of Lake Pichola will be enough to prove to you why Udaipur is the pride of Rajasthan.

Located in a valley and surrounded by four lakes. Udaipur has a number of beautiful natural resources that are replicated in human effort. Making it one of the most attractive and memorable tourist destinations. It shows that every word has ever been given its charm from ‘Jewel of Mewar’ to ‘Venice of the East’. And while all the city’s buildings are beautifully furnished. The hotel at Lake Palace is a thing of the city. The venerated temple of Nathdwara is 60 kms from Udaipur.

2. Mount Abu

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

The end of the Rajasthan hill station. Its cool air and its green surroundings make it a major tourist destination within the state. The most important attraction, however, is undoubtedly the temples of Dilwara. Which is one of the finest parts of buildings in the country. If you are a history or architectural genius, this is one of the places you should not miss in India.rajasthan the land of maharajas

The complex architecture of the Dilwara temples is definitely an interesting one here. And you can spend hours wondering how these temples were built more than 2 years, almost 1000 years back. Temples are specially made to be transparent from the outside to prevent attracting robbers. And to suit the test of time very well. If architecture isn’t your thing.

Then there are various pools and views like Honeymoon Point, Sunset Point, etc. Guests enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Nakki lake, and sunset views from the setting sunset. The highest value of the Aravali Range is also located on Mt. Abu, surrounded by dense evergreen forests. Mt Abu will provide you with everything you could possibly. Want from a popular and popular nature loving and easy going environment.

3. Jodhpur

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Also known as “The Blue City”, “Sun City” and “Gateway to Thar”. Jodhpur is famous for its Mehrangarh castle, blue houses, temples, sweets and fires. Apart from the castle, there are many temples, pools, shopping streets like rain from the past.

The former capital of Marwar, Jodhpur is one of the most impressive cities of Rajasthan. With its capital Mehrangarh overlooking the city. This city is called Blue City as it looks blue in color from the plane’s view because of its blue walls and blue houses.

Near Jaswant Tada and the Umaid Bhawan Palace are also among the best in Jodhpur. However, the magic lies in the old town itself with hundreds of shops, tourists, food joints and vendors making it a bustling city. Especially near the tower of the clock tower and Mark Sardar.

Seen behind the movie. The Rock Knight Rises, Jodhpur attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Jodhpur is conveniently located in central Rajasthan which makes it easy for people. Who visit Jodhpur to explore other parts of the state.

4. Ajmer

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Surrounded by Aravali distances. The city of Ajmer is famous for its Ajmer Sharif Dargah saint Muin-ud-din Chishti. Located 130 kilometers from Jaipur and 14 kilometers from Pushkar in Rajasthan. The city is tightly bound by its culture and traditions. Ajmer has a unique charm that lies in the ethos and craftsmanship of hundreds of years ago.

Visit Ajmer to witness the beautiful Mughal composition set in a spiritual aura. The city is also a religious center of the Jain Temple because of the Golden Jain Temple. During the Urs festival, commemorating the day of the death of Santa Moinuddin Chishti. Believers from all over the world filled the city. Many travelers visiting Pushkar stop by Ajmer and make the day trip. Ajmer has also been selected as one of the city of heritage. In the HRIDAY (Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana) program of the Government of India.

5. Bikaner

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Located in the middle of the Thar Desert. Bikaner is “a cultural paradise and a place to go”. Bikaner with its magnificent architecture, art and culture is filled with colors. Ceremony and cultural wonders. Appropriately named as one of the three great desert kingdoms of Rajasthan.

This vibrant city of ancient world art, bitter oplis and reflects the past of the Rajputs. Best known as “the land of camels” by breeding some of the best-known camels. Bikaner also happened to occupy one of the two most commonly used British colonies in World War 1.

Sand Dunes and Desert Safari are among the main attractions. Bikaner is also known for hosting an international camel festival that attracts tourists from all over the world. Other attractions here include seeing delicacies like Thandai, Bhujias. Buying Ivory and Lacquer sights or just witnessing the great take on wall art and art in the area.

6. Pushkar

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Pushkar, a small temple city, is located about 15 km from Ajmer in Rajasthan. Every November, Pushkar hosts Pushkar Mela. One of the largest camel addresses in the country. A perfect choice for a weekend getaway from Jaipur. Pushkar is located among the Aravali districts. Known for the only dedicated Brahma temple in the world. Pushkar is essentially a pilgrimage site of Hinduism.

Spend some evenings sitting in conversations while drinking chai or walking around. While listening to songs from temples around the barracks. A thrill for lovers of streetwear. Pushkar has great street shops selling everything from brilliant silver jewelery to colorful items sold.

Pushkar Mela attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. With people activities, rides, stadiums and even magical shows. Pushkar has slowly moved from a religious place to a place of diverse cultures and travelers from all over the world.

7. Chittorgarh

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

The capital of the extinct empire of Mewar. Chittorgarh is a land of fortresses, deserts, ruins, and immortal sites of sacrifice and valor. Located in Southeast Rajasthan, Chittorgarh is known as Chittorgarh Fort. India’s largest fortress built on a hill spread over an area of ​​700 acres. The magnificent castle will always be remembered for the courageous Jauhar. Dedicated by Rani Padmini to prevent the conquest of this fort by Alauddin Khilji.

Chittorgarh stands in jeopardy of pride. Tahari Rajput and is remembered in the pages of history for its glorious battles. Especially the siege of Alauddin Khilji Known for its vitality and frequency. Today Chittorgarh has left its stories of courage and betrayal too far to reach trade.

The Rana Kumbha Palace is the largest building in Chittorgarh fort. And while it is merely a collapsed building of broken walls and piles of stone. It was a beautiful three-story palace with large columns. Built as underground and artfully constructed streets. Most impressive in Chittorgarh fort is Padmini Palace.

Named after Queen Padmini herself repeated with puzzles on the roof and water distribution. The story of Queen Padmini’s capital is ringing all over the rooms of this dilapidated building. Some of the events you can visit in Chittorgarh include Meera Temple kalika Mata Temple, Gau Mukh Kund, and the wildlife buses.

8. Alwar

Amazing Places In Rajasthan

Alwar is the first major city that comes while traveling from Delhi to rajasthan the land of maharajas. And is located separately 150 km south of Delhi and 150 km north of Jaipur. Alwar is a tourist destination with fortresses such as the Bhangarh fort, lakes, nature reserves. Such as the Sariska Tiger Reserve and heritage sites. Apart from being a popular tourist center.

Alwar also attracts pride in its reputation for being featured in some Bollywood movies. It is also known for the annual Mega Alwar Trade. Festival held at the Dussehra Ground every year by Papier-mâché (literally ‘chewing paper’). Alwar is also famous for Alwar ka Mawa, a fantastic arrangement.

Surrounded by the Aravali hills. Alwar is a beautiful city of rich culture and heritage. The magnificent castle, the magnificent City Palace and the colorful markets make Alwar one of the most interested rajasthan the land of maharajas Alwar has been one of the oldest of the Rajasthani Empire. And is one of the first Rajput centers to adapt to the British Empire. The city turns out to be a wonderful weekend getaway from New Delhi.


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