Amazing places in goa

Amazing Places in Goa

Calangute Beach

“Queen of the Beaches”

Calangute Beach, and south goa beaches Located 15 km from Panjim, Calangute Beach is North Goa’s longest beach, from Candolim to Baga. Due to its large size and popularity, it is a hub for tourists and backyard chefs from all over the world.

Calangute is a largest beach in north Goa stretching from Candolim to Baga. Due to its sheer size and popularity, it is a hub for tourists and backpackers from all over the world. It is the perfect place to look for accommodation as it keeps you well-connected to the other beaches in the north.

Famous as the “Queen of Beaches”, Calangute Beach of Goa is among the top 10 bathing beaches in the world. Being one of the busiest and best-selling beaches in Goa, it is packed with food bars, shacks and clubs serving cocktails, beer and seafood.

While the days here are full of beach delights, the nights look great for parties and get your hair down.

Water Sports in Goa

There is no wonder when you hear Goa is a place where adventure activities are aplenty because the beaches in constant contact with the Arabian Sea are competing with each other to become the top to give maximum thrill and fun to those who are seeking adventure on the sea.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church located in Goa is one of a kind in India and is known for its exemplary baroque architecture. Built in 1594 and completed in 1605, the formation of this congregation coincides with the beginning of Christianity in India.

This congregation is located in Old Goa in Bainguinim, about 10 km from Panjim. The oldest church in Goa, has the remains of St. Francis Xavier, a special friend of St Ignatius Loyola with whom he founded the Society of Jesus (Jesusits).

Inside, the basilica floor is made of marble made of precious stones, giving it a beautiful look. Ignatius Loyola protects the infant Jesus. Above all is the image of the Holy Trinity, which is the most sacred symbol in Christianity.

The Basilica of the Bom Jesus is over 408 years old and is open to the public every day.

Baga Beach

“The Home of NightLife”

Baga Beach,One of the most popular beaches in North Goa, Baga Beach is located near Calangute beach, around 30 Km North of Panjim.

Baga is a wonderful place for Goa’s spectacular nightlife as signature locations such as Britto, Tito’s and Mambos are located near this location. Being one of the most visited beaches in the North, Baga also offers many water sports.

Baga is so named after ‘Baga creek’ that flows into the Arabian Sea. It is also known for its designer shops and its street markets.

While in Baga, take a delicious breakfast at Infantaria – a relaxing meal, relax by the sea all day, and in the evening let the party animal in you come to life. Baga Beach is considered to be an extension of Calangute Beach itself as both lies on the same coastline

Cruise in Goa

“A Journey through the Rivers of Goa “

Goa Cruise,Cruise travel in Goa allows one to explore the beauty of the scenery, the amazing water and the stunning view of the sun.

There are many types of sailing in Goa ranging from simple evening excursions, long and favorite tours, backpacking trips, and casino cruises. All of these usually originate from Miramar Beach in Panjim.

Reservations from Goa are very easy as their number also offers online booking options. Depending on your needs and the time you want to spend on boats, you can choose the package that best suits you.

Dudhsagar Falls

“Flow of Milk”

Dudhsagar Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in India, lies within the Molem National Park. Situated at a distance of about 60 km from Panaji on the Goa-Karnataka border, it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country.

Translating into the Milky Way, the Mandovi River divides the 310-meter-high waterfall into four tiers and flows heavily into the hill.

Most people reach Dudhsagar by jeep or by private transport from Panaji and nearby places, some prefer to visit the waterfalls by train or on foot.

Scuba Diving in Goa

There’s something about Goa that will make you want to go back and forth. Beaches, south goa beaches blue with golden sand are a sight one can imagine with their eyes closed.

But there is so much more to Goa than the beaches of peace. There is another world under the sea and what is better than scuba diving to provide an underwater environment and watch underwater life.

If you are looking for an unmatched experience, scuba diving is an excellent activity that will open up a portal to a world of luxury so often surpassed by light thoughts.

So, if you are in Goa and have always wanted to cross the subway, here are the Best Places to go for Scuba Diving in Goa

  1. Grande Island
  2. Pigeon Island
  3. Malvan
  4. Sao Gorge Island
  5. Nagoa

Dona Paula

“A Monument That Honors Love”

Dona Paula,The spirit is full of love, stories, and myths of eternal love. south goa beaches. To Dona Paula, which is controversial, is that, it is Goa’s greatest monument. If that wasn’t enough, Dona Paula is also one of North Goa’s most scenic beaches seven miles from Panaji.

Dona Paula beach also offers a beautiful view of the Mormugao harbor. This beautiful proverb is so called because of the image of a man and woman placed on a rock. All the myths speak of the romantic, forbidden, and unfulfilled love of Dona Paula and a local Goaan, while some say it was the Governor, some believe it was a worker from a lowly one.

Dona Paula is one of Goa’s must-visit destinations and has touched the hearts of all tourists. It is the site of the Zuari and Mandovi Rivers meeting and adorned with palm tree strips that break the sand dunes.

From swimming, shopping, eating, sitting, or even enjoying water sports; in Dona Paula there is no shortage of options to keep you in the holiday spirit!


Thalassa, south goa beaches. Tall stone blocks, overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea and the magnificent icon of the Vagator, Thalassa- Green Taverna is one of Goa’s favorite restaurants to recreate the taste of Greek culture and serve up excellent food.

Decorated, owned and conceived by Mariketty (known as a very hospitable host), the open-air restaurant has well-stocked chairs, heated wooden decoration, lively music and a beautiful ambiance.

In addition, there is even more seating in cozy warm rooms and rooms. Alternatively there is a nice boutique where you can buy designer clothes, dresses and bags etc.

Agonda Beach

Gonda Beach, If you are looking for a place away from the busy crowd of a large and isolated area, Agonda beach is the right place for you. With blue water and coconut trees, this beach is a delight for nature lovers.

The beach is not very popular among tourists which is why it is quiet and crowded. Located in the picturesque village of Agonda in the state of Goa, the palm-lined beach is popular as an amusement park. Unlike the famous Baga Beach and Calangute Beach, Agonda is one of those beaches where you can find a relaxing beach trip.

Agonda Beach becomes less dangerous at high hours, and using a surfer is a high risk. Shelves decrease during erosion, so surf can be difficult as well. Nevertheless, it is an ideal place to enjoy the romantic side of Goa.

It is a great place for sunbathing and relaxation due to the presence of very few tourists. A good line for this beach’s long information is a great choice for peace lovers and travelers looking for peace. Or, at this beach, it’s hard to find the right network connection for most prepaid sim cards; to make it more peaceful than before.

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