Amazing places in Nagaland / India

Amazing places in Nagaland

From their stunning headdresses to their stunning wardrobe line, from their magnificent hands to their delicious food tastings, from their magnificent celebrations to the delicate selection of petticoats, Nagaland has always been different from all other provinces in India. A world of the color of unpopular culture and unprecedented culture, this lesser-known phenomenon is certainly an accessible place to explore. We do not know, however, that on each side in Nagaland there is a surprise waiting for us; Glancetravel brings you the Topmost places in Nagaland;

The unpredictable influence of Hinduism, the undeniable marks of Christianity and popular myths beyond the borders of India, makes Nagaland a truly beautiful country that needs to be explored Therefore, we have once again taken on the task of visiting aspiring travelers about a world like Nagaland.

Here is a list of the best places in Nagaland that every visitor should visit

1. Dimapur

Reconstructed to be the state’s entry point, Dimapur is officially welcomed into Nagaland. It is a well-connected town with good road conditions and great views. The town also offers many natural and historical opportunities. The 13th-century Kachari ruins are among the most attractive places in Dimapur, and the ruins here are evidence of the Ahom invasion.

In nature afistados Dimapur opens a wide door and takes them on an unforgettable journey. Nichu Guard Village, Kuki Dolong Village, Chumukedima, Seithekima Village, and Mesheziphema are also some of the places that are known for their spectacular scenery. Quiet and distant from the overcrowded city, you are in and around Dimapur and the surrounding areas are ideal for tourists. Diphupar is one of the beautiful places in Nagaland to witness to the culture of various nations like Angami, Lotha, Chakehsang, Sumi, Sangtam, Ao, Rengma Pouchury, and Zeliang. Ruzaphema one-stop-shop in Dimapur to shop; situated 5 km from Kohima, the area is famous for displaying the finest art of Nagaland.

Dimapur is a colorful country that reflects true Nagaland. It is also the only destination in the province with the airport. Apart from the aforementioned, Dimapur also houses Zoological Park, Ao Baptist Church, Diezephe Craft Village, Nagaland Science Center, Green Park, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Intanki Wildlife Segment and Shiv Mandir.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Kachari Ruins
  • Diezephe Craft Village
  • Rangapahar Reserve Forest / Zoological Park
  • Chumukedima Village
  • Dimapur Ao Baptist Church
  • Diphupar
  • Nichu Guard
  • Kikuki Dolong Village
  • Green Park
  • Science Center in Nagaland
  • Mediciphema
  • Ruzaphema

2. Kohima

The capital of Nagaland, Kohima is undoubtedly the most beautiful place to visit in Nagaland. Although it is a commercial center, Kohima has not lost its natural charms and remains one of the most picturesque places in the region. The combination of ancient and modern has painted the town in vibrant color and Kohima has become an unattainable provincial symbol.

The city offers many beautiful views and reminisces one of the conditions back during World War II. Kohima provides insight into the health of the Angami nation leading the region. A perfect mélange of culture and history, Kohima is actually a place to be. Japfu Peak (3048m) and Puliebadze Peak have always been a popular tourist destination. On the other hand, Tseminyu remains a thrill for history lovers who can see the ancient ruins, abandoned villages, broken pottery, and tombs here. Kohima War Cemetery, Naga Bazaar, Kohima Zoo, Kohima State Museum, and Deputy Bungalow Commissioner are other tourist attractions.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Dzukou District
  • Japfu Peak
  • Pulebadze Peak
  • Kohima War Cemetery
  • Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow
  • Kohima State Museum
  • Kohima Zoo
  • Naga Bazar
  • Get up
  • Field

3. Mokucchung

Designed to be the most beautiful district in Nagaland, Mokukchung is also home to the Ao Nation. Known for its hospitality, rich traditions, and festivals, Mokukchung is also gradually becoming a tourist destination in Nagaland. It is often said that one of its places called Longkhum is a paradise for nature lovers. Its hillocks are decorated with Rhododendron and its pristine nature is well-deserved. Longkhum is also known for its ethnic and hands-on treatment with a cult called Limapur that uses the religion of animism. That’s why it is in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

Ungma is another area of ​​interest in the Mokokchung region which is believed to be the first settlement founded by the Ao tribe when it entered Nagaland from Chungliyimti. Ungma is considered to be the living museum of the Ao tribe. You may be interested in visiting Chuchuyimlang, which is a tourist destination and is often referred to as a festival town. The village is known for celebrating Ao Nagas celebrations similar to the Moatsu festival (celebrated in May). Outside of these places, visitors will also want to take a look at the Mnyokchung District Museum, Changtongya, and Mokukchung Park.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Changtongya
  • The Mokokchung park
  • Mokokchung Village
  • Longkhum
  • You can stop
  • Chuchuyimlang

4. Mon

The land of Konyak Nagas, Mon is an interesting land to visit in Nagaland. Designed for heroes with facial tattoos, superheroes, and black-haired people, Mon is also a lovely place to visit in Nagaland. The Konyaks call themselves the descendants of Noah and engaged in agriculture; it is believed that they had the best harvest in the kingdom. At Around Mon, a traveler can have many interesting encounters, for example, if you happen to be in the area of ​​Longwa (the largest city in the Mon region), which borders the Myanmar border, you may have the opportunity to have your own body in India and another part in Myanmar.

The palace, where the chief lives with his 60 wives, is also a major attraction for Longwa. The sheer number of articles made from animal skins in the living area is unforgettable. Shangyu Village with its famous log, Veda Peak, and leopard Village are some of the main attractions on Mon. If you visit Mon in April, you have the perfect opportunity to witness the beautiful harvest festival of Konyak Nagas called the Aoleang Monyu Festival. It is a weekly festival that is celebrated by sacrificing and holding great festivals.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Longwa District
  • The Veda Peak
  • Chui Village (Basti)
  • Shiyu Village

5. Wokha

Wokha is the best natural gift in Nagaland. Filled with colorful flowers, full of multi-winged flowers and also covered by hills and river, itself is a paradise for nature lovers. About four hours’ drive from Kohima, this region is a great place to hide and see natural beauty. The guesthouse above the Riviera is a large population in the W itself region, this area is known to offer great views of the dam on the Donyan River. The resort in Riphyim also makes it a great place to visit as it offers unchanged views from the window of each room.

The Wokha is the nation of the Lotha tribe and they have a great opportunity to interact with people of the nations and also experience their traditional art and crafts. Apart from this, Mount Tiyi, the Emperor’s Camp, Water Lakes, Totsu Cliff, Tehurang Valley, Baghty Valley, and the town of Vankhosung are potential tourist destinations for itself. The Lothas celebrate the post-harvest festival known as the Thoko Emong Festival in November. It is believed, this 9-day festival is a great time to visit itself. That’s why it is in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Doyang Hydro Project
  • Camp of the Emperor of the Republic
  • Mount Tea
  • The Doyang River
  • Water dam
  • Totsu Cliff
  • Vankhosung

6. Dzukou Valley

Blessed with absolute beauty, the Dzukou Valley (2438m) is situated 30 km from the country’s capital, Kohima. Because the Gorgeous Dzukou valley is a great pleasure and is considered to be the most beautiful region in the world. Dzukou Valley to Nagaland is what is the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. An undisturbed and beautiful land and full of many winged flowers, this valley is definitely a place to visit in Nagaland. Offering spectacular vistas, Dzukou overflows with many valleys and streams. The best time to visit the Dzukou Valley is in the spring when the whole valley blooms and looks heavenly; however, winter is also a great time to be here as at this time of year one can attest to the scenic yet spectacular view.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Khonoma
  • Japfu Peak

7. Tuophema Village

A tourist town, located 41 kilometers from Kohima, Tuophema is made up of tourist races. Because the town offers traditionally decorated areas with lace, traditional art, jewelry, costumes, and a museum of authentic and authentic Naga cuisine. The place offers the opportunity to color Nagas and learn more about the culture of this fascinating country. The Angami Sekrenyi festival celebrated between 25 and 27 February every year is a highlight of the area.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Dzulekie
  • Ruzaphema
  • Intangki Wildlife Sancwele
  • Khonoma Village

8. Khonoma Green Village

Khonoma Green Village is the result of the Naga tribes responsible. Because situated 20 km from Kohima, the Khonoma Green Village is one of its kind in India. The town is home to the Angami tribe who have given up hunting and engaged in farming alone (jhum or shift of agriculture) to make a living. Column houses are made using natural methods and it is Angami’s way to express concern for the conservation of natural resources. In this green valley, baskets are woven and handmade and agricultural. Also there is no doubt that Khonoma is an inspiring place that takes one step closer to nature and urges us to take steps to conserve and protect our environment. The power of this place is something everyone should have.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Dzulekie
  • Ruzaphema
  • Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Konoma Village

9. Benreu

An example of unprecedented beauty, Benreu is a village located in the district of Peren in Nagaland. because this beautiful village trapped in a trap marks the international tour of Nagaland. Situated unincorporated, this village is a great gateway to a peaceful and tranquil environment amidst beautiful nature. Also, the simple life of the town and their daily activities is a great tourist attraction here without the spectacular scenery. Benreu can be considered as a cultural paradise that reflects the many colors of Naga culture and culture. That’s why it is in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Peren
  • Mt. Pauna tourist village

10. Meluri

Nestled among the green rolling hills, Meluri is part of the Phek district in Nagaland. This small village sits in the middle of an important road to Mt Salamati in the region of Cyprus. Because Meluri is a Pochury tribe, known for their excellent hunting skills.

For a traveler on Meluri, the main attraction is the spectacular rock formations. Meluri has two lakes, namely Dzudu and Shilloi. These pools have supernatural powers and blocked by man for a very long time; however, over time, one of the two lakes (Shilloi Lake) has become a tourist destination and is used for hanging out. Zanibu Peak located around Dzudu Lake is a great place to visit as this place offers a great place where one can get a view of a large part of Nagaland and Mt. Everest. That’s why it is in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Phek
  • Dzudu Lake / Zanibu Peak
  • Shilloi Lake

11. Kiphire

Kiphire is the most fearsome district in Nagaland. It offers great views of the tourist area, Kiphire, and is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts as they can perform activities such as hiking, canoeing, and canoeing. In Kiphire, Salamati (3841m) is the highest peak in Nagaland, where a hiker can enjoy a 3-day hike through the beautiful Rhododendron forest.

Cyprus has beautiful cities such as Pungro, Salumi, and Imimi. Among them, Salumi and I are believed to be places of virginity. These towns also have many caves and waterfalls that add to the beauty of this beautiful place. In the eastern caves of the city of Pungro; caves in Si Village; the flow of water lying between My House and Ring, also the Salt River Mihki River, Silatong Village, and Fakim ​​Wildlife Reserve are the attractions of Kipire. That’s why it is in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Saramati Peak
  • The city of Pungo
  • Salomi Village
  • I Village
  • Sukhyap or Paradise Lover
  • Have them
  • Mihki – a river of salt
  • The Fauna of Marine Fauna

12. Peren

Zeliagrong and the Cook tribes, Peren is another great place to visit in Nagaland. Aside from its immeasurable natural beauty, Pereeren is a rich cultural bank of Nagaland. Also, the town of Bereu and Mt. town of Pauna is the main attraction in Peren. For the nature lover, Mt. Pauna offers the perfect opportunity to get a view of the lower valley landscape with lush forest cover.

Mt. Pauna Village is a tourist city in Nagaland and also showcases the rich culture and traditions of the Zeliagrong and Kukian tribes. The choice of lodges accommodation built in the traditional style under the tree keeping the idea of ​​bringing visitors closer to nature. Also, astronomers have the opportunity to try the nation’s authentic cuisine like Kennie Nku, local rice made from sticky rice, and prepared over a heated stone collar. Ntangki National Park, Mt. Kisa, and the caves in Puilwa Village are one of the most attractive places in Peren.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • The chiefs in the valley of Puilwa
  • Mt. See
  • Ntangki National Park
  • Mt. The story
  • Benreu

13. Tuensang

Tuensang is the eastern-most province of Nagaland and is home to the Chang Nagas. Although Chile is a prominent nation here, Tuensang is a place where many nations live together. This unity has resulted in a wonderful mix of culture and culture in the region. Tuensang is also famous for its crafts, handicrafts, works of art, and jewelry. It is one of the best places to go to souvenir shops in Nagaland. Changsangmonko and Chilise, Chunglimiyti, and Tsadang Village offer several very interesting stories to hear; these cities also make for some of the most interesting places to see in Tuensang. That’s why it is also in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

Best Attractions and Places to See:

  • Changsangmonko & Cure
  • The Living Stone of Tuensang
  • Take care

14. Longleng

Its beautiful 32km road often frequented by adventurers. Longleng is the home of Phom Nagas, an expert in pottery, bamboo, and spinning work. The marketplace in Longleng is a major attraction, and today it still retains its classic charm. Phoms are also known for preserving their culture and traditions through their festivals and art and the best time to visit Longleng is during the holidays. The main festival celebrated here is Monyu, which marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. It’s a six-day festival that reflects the best of Longleng’s culture. In addition to the festival, the visitor would like to spend time during the long stretch of Longleng. The Dikhu River is a popular tourist attraction, with sandy beaches, many people love to skate and have a picnic. That’s why it is also in our list of Topmost places in nagaland.

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